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I was also impressed by how much trans visibility there was at Pride. There was a whole family marching in front of us in support of their daughter, with everyone wearing Trans Pride flags as capes.

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Things to watch out for in Barcelona

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • Airports: be careful to check which airport your flight lands at before you book. The main airport, Barcelona International Airport (or El Prat, airport code: BCN), is only 13 km southwest of the city centre and is the best option. Some budget airlines like Ryan Air don’t always fly to this airport but use Girona (airport code: GRO) or Reus (airport code: REU), both over 100km from the city and can add significantly to the time and cost of your trip.

  • Pickpockets: Barcelona is possibly the pickpocket capital of the world - and spending a day of your holiday at the police station is not much fun. So make sure you bring a day bag with inaccessible pockets! My recent trip saw me targeted three times by thieves who managed to open my bags in public.

  • Las Rambla: stretching from Plaça de Catalunya down to the sea, this is tourist central and should be avoided. It is swarming with people and terrible microwaved paella cafes, making it a pretty horrible experience of the capital and total pickpocket central.

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