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The definitive guide to polyamory in Barcelona

Oh, Barcelona. You’re one seductive city. With all that sunshine, queer energy, nude beaches, and open-minded folks, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Catalan capital. So, if you want to explore polyamory – or poliamor in Barcelona, you won’t be surprised to discover a thriving non-monogamous scene here. 

From slow dating gatherings to intensive weekend workshops, plus a vibrant community of locals and international folks, Barcelona has a diverse polyamorous scene that is fun and educational. In addition, there is a whole range of sex-positive events, workshops and parties that take place across the city, where you’ll often meet like-minded non-monogamous folks. So, I’ve put together this guide for one of my favourite cities so that you can dive into poliamor life in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a multi-lingual city, so you can expect conversations about poliamor in various languages. Catalan is the dominant language but Spanish/Castilian is also an official language, and English is widely spoken. So, in this guide, I’ve indicated with CAT, ESP, and ENG when it’s clear which language an event will be in.

Of course, I also had plenty of input from my wonderful friends in Barcelona. So, a huge thanks to ArgénizJono and Mihai for contributing their insights to this blog and being the wonderful queer, kinky, non-monogamous beings that bring joy to my life. 

Have I missed a polyamory event or service folks in Barcelona should know about? Comment below and share the love.

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Presented in partnership with Feeld.

Non-monogamy workshops, coaching, and therapy in Barcelona

When you’re new to polyamory, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming at first. There are many new terms and ways of approaching connections to learn (and so much mononormativity to unlearn). There are plenty of books and podcasts where you can seek to discover more about the world of ENM. But there is also a lot of value in speaking to other folks IRL – be that a therapist or attending a workshop to help get your journey.

Lias from Beyond Queer Therapy is a queer, neurodivergent, non-monogamous therapist based in Barcelona who offers sessions to individuals and couples in person and online (ENG). They also have a recent list of queer and trans-friendly therapists in Barcelona on their Instagram. None list themselves as specialising in ENM on their bios, but you could always enquire.

Indágora is a psychotherapy centre in Barcelona where the therapists work from a constructivist, systemic and feminist perspective (CAT & ESP). If you check out their Instagram, you can also see how pro-LGBTQIA+ and non-monogamous they are. They also offer a range of workshops to help boost your relationships with yourself and others. 

Lídia Manot from Open Mandarina is a non-monogamous coach and author who offers sessions for individuals and diads/triads in Barcelona (inc ENG). She also provides a range of ENM workshops and retreats, including one on jealousy (all in ESP). 

Sandra Bravo is a well-known therapist, author and ENM activist based in Barcelona who runs the popular Hablemos de Poliamor on Instagram. She is a therapist who offers sessions centred around non-monogamy. Plus she also published a list of other therapists in Barcelona and Spain who are experienced with poliamor.

DesAprendiendo (which translates as ‘unlearning’) runs various events in Barcelona. These include a Relational Growth Workshop focused on overcoming fears and building your communication tools. They also have a regular event that sounds like a group coaching session for couples. Their website is no longer live, so best to message them on Instagram and ask about their current services.

Finally, there are several ‘unconferences’ that happen near Barcelona each year: 

  • June: OpenCon Catalonia (ENG) in Galliners (a 90-minute drive from Barcelona) 
  • June: OpenCon Valencia (CAT & ESP) 
  • December: Eixams (CAT) in Cambrils (a 90-minute drive from Barcelona) 

All are focused on workshops and community building for non-monogamous folks. Numbers are limited (for example, OpenCon Catalonia is only for around 40 people), but it’s always worth joining the waiting list as there are often some last-minute cancellations.

Non-monogamous meet-ups

DesAprendiendo does a weekly event each Wednesday (ESP) at the Generator Hostel in Barcelona focused on a different relationship topic. Occasionally, these events might be for a specific group, such as women and non-binary people only, so always check their Instagram in advance.

Open Mandarina offers a slow-dating event for non-monogamous folks. 

Barcelona PolyPeople is a very active social group that meets monthly for drinks, picnics and beach days (ENG). It’s also lovely to see that this group will be marching in Barcelona Pride this year to represent polyam folks.

Delta Mega Bzz runs a regular non-monogamous book club. If you’re up for reading and want to meet like-minded folks while expanding your understanding of relationships, this is the ideal meet-up for you.

It’s also worth noting that the Poliamor Barcelona account is looking to throw a party sometime soon, so worth keeping an eye on their Insta.

You can also request to join the Poliplans Telegram group for the region. This cooperative group organises activities (proposed by its members) to get to know each other and create a community.

Poliamor Barcelona CREDIT Poliamor Catalunya Facebook group
Poliamor Catalunya

Polyamorous Facebook groups for Barcelona

If you want to connect with your polyam local community in Barcelona online, you’ll find that the Facebook groups reflect the city’s multi-lingual nature. 

There is a polyam group for the whole region of Cataluyna, which is obviously all in Catalan (their banner is pictured above). A feminist-focused ENM group for Barcelona is mainly in Spanish, as is its separate Facebook group for dating (although it is sadly very quiet). Finally, there is a Polyamory in Barcelona group that is specifically for English speakers that is pretty active.

I’ve encountered a few other Facebook groups, but they’re pretty quiet, so the ones above are the main ones to check out.

Polyamorous dating Spain

There don’t appear to be any non-monogamous dating apps that are specially for Spain (at least, according to my local ENM friends). So, that means the usual polyamory dating apps are as popular here as they are elsewhere in the world.

My go-to app for everything non-monogamous, kinky and queer is Feeld, and it’s the best option for Barcelona. That’s why they’ve sponsored this blog post because, in my opinion, it’s the best app for meeting others in the polyamorous community here. Plus, Barcelona attracts an international crowd. So, if you’re keen to connect with ENM people visiting the city, too, Feeld is your best bet. It’s hugely popular in other countries, too. That means travellers will be looking on here when they pass through (as I discovered last summer).

Hinge is another option for Barcelona, as is OkCupid – but here, you’ll run into the common problem where people have profiles that they have long forgotten about and thus never respond. 

Bumble finally now includes non-binary folks but is yet to prompt people to specify their relationship style. Grindr is obviously there as a hook-up option for queer folks, too, as it slowly moves towards being more inclusive of people who aren’t cis gay men.

Sex-positive events and services in Barcelona

One of my favourite things about Barcelona is the energy of sexual freedom that vibrates through its sunny streets. It always seems that there are queer, kinky, gender-diverse folks to be found everywhere I go, which means it’s a very sex-positive city. 

So, while none of the events listed below is specifically about non-monogamy or poliamor, you’re likely to meet similarly-minded folks in Barcelona by joining these parties, workshops and festivals. Get out there, make connections, and you’ll be surprised by the hidden communities you’ll find.

However, it’s also important to remember that not all polyamorous folks are allosexual (i.e. people who experience sexual attraction). Asexual folks and others on the ace spectrum are also a valued part of our community.

Sex-positive stores, spaces, and services in Barcelona

If you want to take all your clothes off in the sunshine, head down to Mar Bella Beach near Poblenou. Here you’ll find an amazingly queer vibe on this clothing-optional stretch of sand. I even spotted someone reading Polysecure on this beach last summer, which tells you everything about the kind of queer nudists that hang out here.

Poliamor Barcelona - services CREDIT The Wicked Place Barcelona
The Wicked Space Barcelona

One of the best sex toy shops in Barcelona is Amantis. It has two locations in this city: Gràcia and Sant Antoni. When its first branch opened in Madrid’s gayborhood Chueca over 20 years ago, it was the first sex toy shop in Spain to present its products and advice in a shame-free way. These days they also offer a range of workshops, which you can find out more about below.

Want to hire a play space in Barcelona? Centrally located dungeon, The Wicked Place offers two rooms – one vintage, one industrial – plus a glam room for dressing up. They also host a range of workshops and events, also detailed below.

Suitably located a short walk from Sagrada Familia, Clandestino also offers a range of “fetish rooms,” each fitted out with a variety of fun furniture. From sex swings and cages to beds with mirrors, there’s a room for every fantasy here.

Poliamor Barcelona - workshops CREDIT Touch and Play Barcelona
Touch and Play Barcelona

Sex-positive workshops and festivals in Barcelona

If you’re interested in participating in facilitated workshops around touch, intimacy, consent work and other somatic practices, there are some great options to choose from in or near Barcelona. Touch and Play have a discovery weekend in June and the more intensive A-soma-te in September that includes a range of topics such as tantra, kink and non-monogamy (ENG). 

Instituto Cuerpo y Sexualidad offers online workshops around self-love and intimacy (often ENG). Plus, some in-person workshops on getting in touch with your sexuality (ESP). If you want to go further, they run a training course on transforming intimacy over a few months (ESP).

Sex Academy Barcelona runs intimate workshops about techniques and practices (ESP). As detailed above, Wicked Place hosts kink-themed workshops and speed-dating events (ESP). Sensual educator Claudia at KamaKaos also runs a range of touch-based workshops and sessions for people wanting to learn to centre themselves in their bodies (ESP).

Observatorio del Placer runs workshops on topics around sexuality but in a more expansive, curious and creative way than your typical ‘how to’ session. Expect subjects like threesomes and anal to be explored in a way that challenges gender-based assumptions, for example.

And finally, every June, there is a two-day festival outside Barcelona that focuses on building community and questioning how we assume we have to live our lives (ESP). The programme for Kuestiona often includes speakers around non-monogamy, tantra and sexual energy. These sessions take place alongside a range of subjects on spirituality, philosophy, health and happiness. 

Poliamor Barcelona - creative CREDIT Life Drawing Barcelona
Life Drawing Barcelona

Sex-positive creative events in Barcelona

Life Drawing Barcelona is a popular gathering that happens most Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in a studio near the Parc del Mirador del Poble-sec (ENG & ESP). Run by Benet, a graphic designer, each session includes drinks and snacks and doesn’t require any previous drawing experience. 

Some previous sessions have included drawing people in poses and outfits relating to shibari, latex and bondage. Plus, they often feature queer models during their sessions. So, it’s a great way to connect with other sex-positive creatives in Barcelona.

Poliamor Barcelona CREDIT Me Siento Extraña
Me Siento Extraña

Sexy gatherings, parties & performance nights in Barcelona

The first Vulva Fest was held last November. It’s a one-day event run by cis and trans+ women focused on music, art and food. Everyone is welcome. Monday nights at queer bar Candy Darling are one of my faves in Barcelona with Me Siento Extraña, with the evening open only to women, non-binary and trans+ folks. 

MARICAS is a queer nightlife collective that has been stirring up the Barcelona scene since 2018. Toro is another trans+ run party to keep an eye out for, alongside House of (S)PUNK and PreKum. For a dressed-up kinky crowd (without the actual kink spaces to play in), check out Kinyxx

Barcelona play parties and spaces

Observatorio del Placer hosts a monthly experience, Sensorium, where “sexuality is the axis of the approach and development.” You need to be vetted by the team to attend, so make sure you register in advance of any event.

Lobbas ran some play parties last year that were specifically for women and non-binary people. I’m hoping that they throw another one again soon.

Men Factory Private Club is a play space in central Barcelona open to men seven days a week. But it is welcoming to everyone (straight and bi folks, lesbians, trans+ people, etc.) on Thursdays. 

Poliamor Barcelona - kink CREDIT De Sade Festival
De Sade Festival

Barcelona kink parties

Wet Playground throws sex-positive parties with an emphasis on kink in both Amsterdam and Barcelona. Meanwhile, the Suspiria Group host a whole range of parties locally. Le Fou RoyalPetit Le Fou Royal and Obsexion all range in party size while focusing intently on the fetish/kink play. They also throw the annual De Sade Festival in July.

For queers, Dolenti is a BDSM party in Barcelona that is only for women, non-binary, intersex and trans+ folks. Berlin Dark is another option, catering exclusively to men at their ‘hard and fetish’ bar in Poble Sec. Every Wednesday, they throw their doors open to everyone for Club Bastards. They also occasionally host the more inclusive Byzantium parties here.

There is also a Kink/BDSM/Touch/Play/Relationship/Exploration Events in Barcelona Telegram group that you can join to learn about a range of kink and play parties in Barcelona.

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