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Polyamory memes and tweets: my all-time faves

Anyone who follows me on social knows there’s nothing I love more than sharing polyamory memes and tweets. There’s something so enjoyable about poking fun at the self-righteous attitudes and weird dynamic you find yourself in once you venture outside the mononormative realm.

As humorous as many of these are, there’s also something very affirming about them too. Laughing about a shared experience can make you feel very seen in your experiences, especially when they aren’t represented by broader society.

So, here are some of my faves, plus a couple of cute illustrations that I love too. Have one you’d like to share with me? Please send it my way on Instagram or Twitter, as I always love a chuckle.

Polyamory memes

Some polyamory memes are educational, some are very self-deprecating, and some are just plain sexy. I mean, it’s hard not to imagine Saorise Ronan, Florence Pugh and Timothee Chalamet in a triad once you’ve looked through these.

Also, for the record, when it comes to polyamory alignment, I swing wildly between lawful and chaotic good. I suppose that makes me neutral, then?

Polyamory tweets

The funniest tweets are naturally by those who practice polyamory. Those eye-rolling moments or chuckle-inducing circumstances you find yourself in have made for some of these exceptional tweets.

Now, whenever a mono person on a dating app asks me (with some small sense of outrage), “how many partners do I want” I relish responding with the answer in one of these tweets. After all, who wouldn’t want to be in an Ocean’s Elevensome?

Polyamory illustrations

Here are a couple of cute drawings I’ve seen on articles and Tumblr. When it’s rare to see images that reaffirm your relationship style, it’s really beautiful to see illustrations like these ones.

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