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Five polyamory podcasts worth subscribing to in 2024

Over the past five years, my life has essentially been soundtracked by one polyamory podcast or another. To the point that I can’t imagine having navigated through those initial years of embracing non-monogamy (finally, completely) without them. They have become a companion that I turn to week after week, month after month and are the resource I most frequently recommend to my friends and followers.

When it comes to relationship advice, especially when learning about concepts and structures we were never taught about in everyday society, podcasts are an ideal format. They can be bite-sized or in-depth. Salacious or sensitive. Educational and inspirational. There are some excellent books about polyamory out there (many of which have been written by the podcasters I recommend below). Still, when facing a challenge, I’m more likely to return to a specific episode than a particular chapter. Maybe it’s the conversational tone. Perhaps it’s because I can listen to it while going on a walk to process. Either way, I’m so glad we, as a community, now have so much support in various formats.

As you’ll see below, there are many podcasts relating to polyamory and non-monogamy these days, all of which you can discover for yourself. Below are my favourite five that I regularly listen to and frequently return to, share and discuss. These are the podcasts that when a new episode pops up, I immediately hit the download button on my app. And there’s a good reason for this: they each offer something different in their style and information. I’m enormously grateful to all the people who help make these podcasts happen because the work they create has changed my life and helped me feel less alone or unusual for having the full range of feelings I experience.

As you scroll down this list, you’ll notice one important fact: they’re almost all hosted by white people. Unfortunately, it isn’t that surprising, as podcasting has traditionally had a diversity problem. So please, if you know of any non-monogamous podcasts hosted by people of colour, give them a shout-out in the comments below and help amplify these shows.

I also think it’s important to note that you don’t have to listen to every episode of every polyamory podcast there ever was to know what you’re doing. Most podcasts cover similar topics and themes from varying perspectives and approaches. The important thing is to find the ones you vibe with and value. The ones that you enjoy and that speak to you because you’re more likely to listen regularly and, thus, learn more as you go.

Finally, if you’re looking for a video podcast, you should subscribe to my one on YouTube, where I cover a range of topics that relate to gender, sexuality, dating and polyamory. 

Ok, happy listening, learning and loving!

Making Polyamory Work podcast

Polyamory podcast CREDIT Libby - Making Polyamory Work podcast
Libby Sinback

Of all the podcasts I listen to (be they about gender, film, queerness or relationships), this is the one whose old episodes I return to again and again. Hosted by Libby Sinback, I find the Making Polyamory Work podcast a handy tool for understanding things like my internal responses, communicating with partners and navigating tricky situations. 

Like many podcasts these days, some of Libby’s episodes are around 45 minutes to an hour in length. Others are only 20-30 minutes long but are packed with helpful information for particular situations. I enjoy this because I can often use her podcast as a reference library, pulling up a relevant episode when a specific situation occurs. More often than not, Making Polyamory Work has the insights and resources I need. 

I recommend following this podcast if you’re a parent and/or neurodivergent. Libby is a mum, and while she doesn’t centre lots of her episodes around navigating polyamory while raising children, it does pop up from time to time in what she discusses. There also were two episodes in late 2023 about neurodivergence and polyamory. Libby is also an integrative relationship guide with many professional qualifications, so you can be assured that her advice is backed by personal experience and years of training.

If, like me, you love Libby’s podcast, you should know that in 2024, she will be teaching several workshops, including her group program Foundations of Open Relating for Wild & Tender Hearts.

Some of my favourite episodes of the Making Polyamory Work podcast include:

  • Repair and Repair Again: Libby talks about repair, how essential it is for having secure relationships, and outlines the steps for how to make a good repair.
  • There’s Nothing To FearLibby talks about how important it is to talk about fears with our partners. 
  • When Your Meta Don’t WannaLibby talks about how to navigate things when metamours don’t want to be friends.
Polyamory podcast CREDIT Multiamory podcast
Dedeker Winston, Emily Matlack, and Jase Lindgren

Multiamory podcast

When it comes to lists of the best polyamory podcasts, Multiamory is usually at the top – and for good reason. Now in its tenth year of production, this podcast has a format that interests anyone who likes to drill down on the research, ethics, and valuable tools available for navigating modern relationships.

That means that most episodes of Multiamory run for at least an hour, as the hosts Emily Matlack, Dedeker Winston, and Jase Lindgren are keen to discuss everything in detail. Over time, the team have also created some helpful relationship tools, such as the popular RADAR relationship check-in. The podcast’s popularity means they often have very interesting guests to help expand on particular subjects and experiences.

I really like the dynamic between hosts, who have all been entwined in relationships with each other at various points. It speaks to a level of experience and understanding with each other that shines through, even though they rarely discuss their relationship history in detail. Instead, they focus more on advancing how relationships work, no matter their form.

If, like me, you love listening to Emily, Dedeker and Jase’s podcast, then you should check out their new book, Multiamory: Essential Tools for Modern Relationships

Some of my favourite episodes of the Multiamory podcast include:

  • How to Support Your Partner Through a BreakupEmily, Dedeker and Jase talk about the ways to care for your partner, yourself, and your relationship when your partner is going through a breakup or other turbulent period of life.
  • 50 Ways to Handle Jealousy – Parts 1 and 2Emily, Dedeker and Jase discuss tools for your brain, body, relationships, heart and soul.
  • Are Elders Better at Polyamory?Kathy Labriola discusses her most recent book with us, Polyamorous Elders: Aging in Open Relationships, some of the inspiration that drove her to write about ageing in polyamory, cultural narratives that affect how we perceive polyamorous elders, and more.

Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast

Polyamory podcast CREDIT Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast
Emma and Fin

If you want to hear personal stories from our diverse community, the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast is for you. Every week, you’ll get to listen to a different person talking about their experiences and perspectives on what it’s like to be someone who swings, is a relationship anarchist or polyamorous (and every other flavour of non-monogamy in-between). 

The podcast is hosted by Emma and Fin, a married couple who have been exploring non-monogamy for over 15 years. They’re great hosts because they ask insightful questions and give space for each guest to talk at length about how their life led them to this point. It’s almost like listening to someone’s first therapy session as they unpack their personal history. That shouldn’t be surprising as Emma is currently in Grad School for Somatic Psychology, and Fin is training to be a sex and relationship coach as well.

In 2024, there’s a new addition to the format with educational Ask Us Anything episodes hosted by Fin and another relationship coach, Meshai. If you have burning questions that you would like answered from a professional perspective, you can submit yours on their website and listen to future episodes to hear their answer. 

Some of my favourite episodes of the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast include:

  • Episode 307 – Rachel: Rachel Lark is a bisexual, kinky, polyamorous, cis female musician, performer, and writer. And that’s all before she’s had her morning coffee! Raised by two sex-positive philosophers, Rachel tends to question most things, rather than mindlessly following the herd. (You can hear one of Rachel’s songs on my polyamory playlist).
  • Episode 45 – Kevin Patterson (Poly Role Models): Author, blogger, and speaker of all things polyamory, Kevin Patterson sits down for a wide-ranging interview about gender roles, male stereotypes, navigating polyamory as a person of colour and much more. (Check out Kevin’s book Love’s Not Color Blind).
  • Episode 246 – The Dildorks (Billy Lore): get a behind-the-scenes look at Billy’s journey. As best he can remember, the last and only time he had a monogamous relationship was in his early twenties. (Note: This episode is listed under Billy’s former name).

Non-Monogamy Help podcast

Polyamory podcast CREDIT Lola - Non-monogamy Help podcast
Lola Phoenix

If you’re looking for an Aunt Agony-style polyamory podcast, this is what you need. Non-Monogamy Help is hosted by Lola Phoenix, an agender, non-binary, queer writer who answers detailed relationship questions on both their podcast and advice column

One of the best things about Lola’s advice is that they really dig into each question and offer at least 15 minutes of their perspective on each situation. Lola is always sensitive to the person’s situation but succinct in pointing out the key areas they need to think about. I know this because I submitted a question to their podcast many years ago, and Lola gave excellent advice on how I should handle a tricky metamour situation (not any of the episodes listed below).

Lola also works with the sex and relationship therapist Kathy Slaughter (who did a great Ted X talk on Love Lessons from Open Relationships) to ensure the advice given is professionally backed. They’re also hugely respected for the valuable perspective they provide on non-monogamous relationships, having been featured on both Dan Savage’s podcast and the Multiamory podcast as well.

If, like me, you find Lola’s advice helpful, you should check out their book, The Anxious Person’s Guide to Non-Monogamy (which will soon be available on audiobook, too). 

Some of my favourite episodes of the Non-Monogamy Help podcast include: 

  • Episode 99: Long Distance Jealousy: It’s hard when you’re in a long-distance relationship, and someone else gets to be with your partner when you can’t. 
  • Episode 104: Primal Panic: Your partner comes home from a date and needs reassurance, but you can’t give it in that moment. Is this something to overcome?
  • Episode 93: Meeting Metamours: Sometimes people are jerks and sometimes experiences help us learn when we can also step away.
Polyamory podcast CREDIT Remodeled Love podcast
Ash, Joseph, Jessica and Dr. M.

Remodeled Love podcast

I’ve only recently started listening to this podcast, and essentially for one good reason: I find one of the hosts, Jessica Daylover, pretty hilarious. The content she creates around polyamory on Instagram is valuable and insightful and often so funny that it could be considered a comedy account. 

The Remodelled Love podcast started in late 2020 but has been pretty quiet over the past year after what Jessica describes as a “rough but transformative 2023.” The good news is that it’s back in 2024 with the entire nested polycule podcasting together. That means Jessica and her husband, Joseph Daylover, and their partners, Mamma Ash and Dr. M, who now all live together. From what I’ve heard so far, this dynamic on the podcast brings a chaotic but honest energy to the discussion.

If you’re a polyamorous parent, then this is a great podcast to listen to as the polycule is raising two children collectively. Naturally, that means the everyday trials of parenting come up frequently throughout the conversations, as it’s a massive part of the journey they are all on together. 

Some of my favourite episodes of the Remodelled Love podcast include: 

  • “Let Grown Folks Do What They Want” with Evita Lavitaloca Sawyers: she shares her backstory, the character arc of her life so far, her polyamory origin story, how she became a content creator, her critiques of the polyamorous community, and some deep wisdom that everyone needs to hear.
  • Dude with FeelingsJes asks the guys what they’ve noticed as polyamorous men, as well as polyam peer support specialists, around the struggles of polyamorous and poly-curious men to recognize, feel, process, and receive help around the emotions that dudes must confront on this path.
  • Meet Mama Ash!: When we left off six months ago (holy shit), Joe was about to meet his long-distance lover, Ash, for the first time. Well, now it’s six months later, and YOU get to meet her…cuz she lives here now. And she’s the best thing to ever happen to our little family.

Other polyamorous podcasts you could try

Of course, my favourite five podcasts aren’t all that there is to offer. Here are some other ones you could check out:

Other non-monogamy-related podcasts I enjoy

These podcasts aren’t specifically or entirely about polyamory, but they do have hosts who discuss non-monogamy:

  • A Little Queer Podcast: mostly about queer stuff, but polyamory gets mentioned from time to time because both the hosts are. It’s especially great content for bi/pan folks.
  • The Dildorks: this is one of my favourite podcasts out there. Conversations are centred around sex and dating but from the perspective of two non-monogamous people, Kate and Billy (you can hear Billy’s episode on the NNM podcast above, too).
  • Kinky, Nerdy and Poly: covers precisely what the title says. Episodes are a bit sporadic, but it’s hosted by two lovely, incredibly nerdy trans+/non-binary folks.
  • Skin Out: British people of colour talking about their experiences on the kink and fetish scene. Hosted by the fabulous Toni Murphy, who I interviewed about play parties.
  • Two Bi Guys: originally hosted by, as the title says, two bi guys, it’s now just the one, who is also polyamorous. The current series features conversations with married bisexual men with frequent references opening up relationships.

Inactive podcasts that still have valuable episodes

Not every polyamory podcast lasts forever, but they can still be a great resource. Here are a few that you might want to check out:

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