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It’s my birthday, and I’d love your support

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be a whole 42 years old, which feels crazy as I swear my 40th was only a few months ago. That also means it’s only two or three years since I pivoted the content on this blog away from travel (which was my primary focus until the pandemic) and onto exploring life beyond the norm. So, I wanted to use my birthday as an opportunity to ask you to support me.

Everything I create with Minka Guides is free. I’m a small blog, so I make only a nominal amount of money through advertising and affiliate links. I also only collaborate with brands if they match the ethos of this site, which very few do. So, I prioritise writing about what feels important and interesting to me rather than making tonnes of cash.

I’m very ok with this approach, but it would help to know that what I do is valued in other ways. That people find my content useful or engaging in some way. I occasionally receive the odd thank you message, but most of the time, I only know that people like what I do through traffic and follows. 

If that’s you, then THANK YOU. I really appreciate your support so far, and if you want to help other people find me or give me a token of your appreciation, here are five great ways to do so.

Share your favourite article!

Is there a blog post that you’ve loved? Please share it on your Twitter and Facebook or link it up on your Instagram Stories. It’s as simple as that, and you wouldn’t believe how many people have discovered me through a friendly recommendation.

Invite a friend to subscribe!

Do you have a friend (or family member or colleague) who you know would be curious about my content? Then, please share my blog with them. Better still, recommend that they subscribe via email or on my Instagram.

Buy me ice cream!

If you’re lucky enough to be rolling in cash and want to make a financial contribution, please buy me ice cream. It’s an excellent treat for my actual birthday and a lovely way of showing support if you want to avoid publicising your non-normative life through my blog.

Share your favourite video!

If you’ve enjoyed my recent video podcast episodes, why not give one of them a share? You can either share one straight from Instagram onto your Stories or link one from YouTube to your Facebook or Twitter.

Buy yourself a treat with my affiliate links!

Another lovely way to gift me is to buy something for yourself using one of my affiliate links. This way, I receive a small commission from your purchase, meaning we both win. 

If you like the jewellery I wear, such as my new septum ring, I recommend checking out Ask & Embla.

Are you looking for books about polyamory or novels with queer themes? Check out my curated selection on in the US and UK.

Want an extra special treat? Check out my favourite ethical porn site Lustery or buy yourself a new toy at Satisyer.

There you go – some enjoyable ways to show me some love. Thank you in advance for any support, and I look forward to another year of bringing you some more content that’s outside the norm.

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